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An application for counting game scores. For Harmattan and Maemo 5.

CountYourScores is used for counting and keeping score for real life games where score is counted by adding preset values together (e.g. some card games). The number pad is customizable.
It is available for Harmattan (Nokia N9/N950) and Maemo 5 (Nokia N900) mobile devices.

Screenshots & Instructions

harmattan screenshot of main screen

Max four players and 9 games and total score. Scores are added from the number pad. The added numbers will show up in the bottom. Undo button will remove the last number from score. When player or game is changed the added numbers list is reset and undo is no longer possible. Player is changed by clicking on the score or ”name”. The > (”next”) button will add a new game. There is no way of changing the scores of previous games. The trash bin clears all scores.

fremantle screenshot of menu

For Maemo5 (N900) exiting and ”minimizing” the app is done from the menu (bottom right button).

If the default numbers in the pad are not suitable for your game, a custom list of numbers can be created & selected from settings.


Version 1.0.1 for N9/N950 is available as free download from Nokia Store.

For the N900 the version 1.0.2 can be downloaded from the extras-devel repository.

The source code of the N900 version is stored on the project's git repository in the branch fremantle, while the branch master contains the Harmattan source code.